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| Bare Copper / Aluminium Wires / Strips / Conductors

| Enamelled Wires  |

Fibre Glass Covered |

Kapton Covered |

Paper Covered |

Mica Covered |

Nomex Covered |


We are manufacturing wires & strips of Copper and Aluminium as per International Standards and specifications given by the customers. We are equipped with most modern state-of-the-art infrastructurefacilities for processing bulk orders for the entire range of our products with the required finesse and excellence.

Production Infrastructures:

Continuous Extrusion Line for production of Bare & Bright Annealed Cu & Al Wires /Strips     /Flats /Tapes
Advanced High-Tech Enamelling Machines for Cu & Al Wires & Strips Processing.
PLC Controlled High Speed Taping Machines for Paper /Nomex /Mica /Cotton Insulation.
High Capacity Fibre Glass Cov. Machines for Mfg. of Strip /Flat Wires up to  25 MM Width.
1700 KVA Captive Power Generation Facility
1020 KVA UPS for uninterrupted power supply


Plant Wise Production Capacity:

Extrusion Section 500 Tons /Month
Wire Drawing Section 300 Tons /Month
Enameling Section             200 Tons /Month
Paper /Nomex /Mica Cov. Section     250 Tons /Month
Fibre Glass Cov. Section 100 Tons /Month
Kapton Cov. Section            30 Tons /Month
Field Coil Section             60000 Pcs /Month




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