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It is the earnest endeavor of Vimlesh Industries to meet the quality standards of their discerning customers. The individual needs of each customer depending on designed based requirements are thoroughly examined by our engineers. We take pride in our technical team’s capability to develop new products measuring upto customer’s technical expectations.

The Quality Department is actively involved in ensuring that the manufacturing process is carried out as laid down and whatever is done is accurately documented for complete traceability. Our qualified and experienced quality personnel work round the clock to check processing at all stages and finally the finished products also, to ensure 100% conformity with national and international specifications, before being finally “passed” for packing and despatch.

UL Certification

We have UL Approval for our Enamelled Round and Rectangular Copper and Aluminium Wire of Temperature Class 200 & 220 degree centigrade under the UL File No.: E319454

Testing Equipments

1. Tan Delta System
2. High Voltage Breakdown Tester
3. Peel Tester
4. Scrap resistance Tester
5. Elongation Tester
6. Tensile Strength Tester
7. Resistance Tester
8. High Voltage Pin Hole Tester
9. Cut Through Tester
10. Springiness Tester
11. Jerk Tester
12. Vickers Tester
13. Stiffness Tester
14. High Frequency Spark Tester
15. Twist Tester
16. Mandrel Winder
17. Heat Shock Oven
18. Profile Projector
19. Apparatus for Solvent Test
20. Micrometer